design can
beautify &

make things work

   i make my very first website when i was 10, but when
   i studied design and typography with ones of the most brilliant brazilian’s typographers,
   marcos mello and claudio ferlauto (oficina tipográfica de são paulo), i’ve entered into the wild.
   i’m addicted to make things in a non-conventional way.
   if you’re thinking that this site is looking some crazy, you got it!
   but keep calm. i can prove that i’m a very versatille professional. see my website portfolio here.
   give me a chance to do the work and you will never regret it.
   oh! i  just remembered that although i’m writing in english i don’t speak this language very well …
   but yes, i have people who help me with that. make contact.

2019 ui portfolio

Website for one of the main Brazilian references on nutrition and innovation, Vanessa Suzuki.

Educational portal for engineers and lawyers with restricted members’ area, created for Daniel Paglia, expert of the Federal Public Ministry of Brazil, Murilo e Guilherme Barbosa, civil engineers and entrepreneurs.

school site with restricted member area for parents, students and masters.

This company provides online reports to radiologists 24/7. Is a very serious work and the pre-requisite of website is the focus on transmitting credibility and security to the public.

site to promote the work of plastic surgeon Dr. Alessandro Spíndola

Erik Penna is considered one of the top 5 speakers on sales in Brazil. This is the sales site of your official online course.